About Us Our company was established in Skopje, Macedonia in 2016 under the name HC INDUSTRIE GROUP DOO in partnership with the company HC HIDRAULIK KRAN DOOEL that performs activities in the field of mechanical engineering, construction, stations for transferring solar energy and logistics tourism. Our company deals with import and export of world-famous Italian cranes for vehicles and ports with high performance, with telescopic crane on boom remote control manufactured by HC INDUSTRIE SRL. Our Company as an expert also deals with below mentioned products and brands. - Pratissoli - water pumps with high pressure. - Combined Duct Cleaning Machines. - Fire-fighting equipment and fire fighting vehicles. - HC Crane equipment for vehicles with telescopic boom crane of 3 ton / sqm to 35ton/mt - Rexroth - Parker - Hydraulic Pumps, Control Valves, Hydraulic Power Units. - Sales and service of Hydraulic Pneumatic Valves. - Our company also includes new turnkey projects for solar power stations, hydraulic stations and wind farms. Starting from the 2016, company HC HIDRAULIK KRAN DOOEL made a significant mark on the markets in Macedonia. As an official sale representative, the company decided to accelerate new projects in order to provide its customers with better services, such as services and spare parts of the world famous HC Italian cranes for vehicles and ports with remote control and hydraulic booms in Arabic Countries and the Balkan Countries. Despite HC INDUSTRIE SRLS, the range of our products in HC INDSUTRIE GROUP DOO also managed to add the world famous brands such as PRATISSOLI , WALVOIL, CASAPPA, MEC GROUP. HC HIDRAULIK KRAN DOOEL in 2016 opened its head office in Gostivar - Macedonia, and after that branch office as the Group Company in Skopje – Macedonia. In a mean time HC INUSTRIE GROUP DOO got added as the new company. Our goals in the first stage are cranes, constructions and providing partnership solutions in the field of energy power stations and shipyards. Best Regards, HC INDUSTRIE GROUP DOO HC HIDRAULIK KRAN DOOEL www.hcindustrie.mk - www.hcindustrie.com E-Mail:info@hcindustrie.mk Tel:+389 2 609 28 14 - +389 72 766 701

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